Activities at New England Falconry PA

Introductory Session

Duration 45 Minutes

An Introduction to Falconry! Our professional falconer will lead guests through a demonstration in our mowed meadow and walking path. Experience includes handling and free-flying a Harris's Hawk.

Experience the ancient art of falconry. Learn about the history and permitting of falconry, raptor adaptations, and the need for conservation to ensure the survival of these birds of prey.

As a participant, you will enjoy the thrill of a free-flying Harris's Hawk returning to your gloved hand.

$95 per participant
$30 per *non-participant (observer)

Extended Session

Duration 1.5 Hours

Enhance your Introductory Session with an extra 45 minutes. The Extended Session includes the Introductory Session, plus an additional bird will be flown!

Free-fly hawks in our mowed meadows as you learn about the ancient art of falconry, the history and permitting of falconry, the lives of raptors and the need for their conservation.

Participants enjoy the experience of a free-flying Harris's Hawk returning to their gloved hand.

$180 per participant
$50 per *non-participant (observer)

Hunting Session

Duration 3 Hours

A pre-hunt session of handling and flying hawks is followed by a wild quarry hunt with hawks. Available during the small game season (mid-October through early January).

Learn about the history and permitting of falconry, the adaptations of these raptors, and the need for their conservation while you participate in a hunt.

A Hunting Session runs 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on conditions and the outcome of the hunt.

$400 per person

**PLEASE NOTE: There is NO
non-participant option on a hunt.

Group Session

Duration 1.5 Hours

Group sessions are available for 10-15 people. Please contact for information and pricing.

** Rates current November, 2023. Previously purchased gift certificates and prior reservations will of course be honored in full.

Visit the Purchase Online menu and select Register for an Event to view session availability. Select a session from available options to register for a falconry experience via the online calendar. Sessions have a maximum of 6 participants.

Sessions are held in a mowed meadow and grass pathways. Dress comfortably for the weather and wear appropriate footwear for the conditions.

All activities are by scheduled appointment and not necessarily private. If you require a private session, please purchase a gift certificate, which allows you to indicate the private option at the time of purchase. Scheduling for private sessions must be done via phone or email.

Hawking Glove Provided for participant use.
* A non-participant/observer: someone who does not handle a hawk, but may otherwise fully participate in the session.